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Taking Over all National and International Internet Networks for Children's Immortality

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Children's coordinated assault on search engine results.

Children's Internet Resource for a coordinated search engine manipulation strategy designed to keep them alive indefinitely even though their parents have other plans, like coma maintenance aerobics denied or unsensed.

Earth Children's Legal and long over-due Search Engine Manipulation Keyword saturation strategies and techniques are combined with logical keyword association practices and the use of quantity/density balance while speaking in a hyper-relevancy PARA-PSYCHICAL syntaxt and infusing clarity seeding with a paradigmally stimulating style and injecting it internetedly into the sum of all human intention and creativity opportunity aperture of OUR shared Now.
read it over until it breaks down your unnatural resistance.....

I am here inspiring the psychically suffocated and deceived children of earth, who were created to die, like you were, to take command of their immortality rights interneted in a coordinated, respect for life, move choreographed internetedly by robert ray hedges, a gifted destinial engineer and ParaEthicist/Immortalist in physicality. Robert has had this gift since 1972.... for destinial delineation in the english language using composite Psycho-Genomic Inferentiality combined with inverse future memory decoding synthesized synchronously in the rising dna momentum called the singularity quickening.

It's an inconvenient truth that in order to stop molesting children psychically, we have to become an immortalising force together as we all already know that LETTING children die eventually kills all of them/US!.....and guess what.....right here they are being informed of your imprudent and LIFE ENDANGERING psychical adaptation to a futile and deadly inherited hollow persona maintenance coma. Adults are busted/exposed...clear enough. Happy transitioning to my human family members.

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